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"We are a clothing company with a simple mission - to create scrubs that people love to wear.
We incorporate the latest trends into our products.  We don't believe in sacrificing comfort for
style when you can have both.  We're passionate about the clothing we make.  Every product
we make is a labor of love.  That's what Koi Happiness is all about."

Kathy Peterson, Founder and President
Introducing koi Lite's easy wash and wear performance stretch...
Koi 315 details
koi lite 315
Divine Tee
Koi 316 details
koi lite 316
Philosophy Top
Koi 319LTS details
koi lite 319LTS
Lightning Strikes
Koi 721 details
koi lite 721
Peace Drawstring

koi seasonal prints...
Koi 113KLG details
Koi 113KLG
Ashley Kellogg
Koi 113PRM details
Koi 113PRM
Koi 115ABL details
Koi 115ABL
Abstract Blues
Koi 115DTL details
Koi 115DTL
Dot Tropical
Koi 115SPL details
Koi 115SPL
Splash Animal
Koi 190CTP details
Koi 190CTP
Carnation Petals
Koi 252TTT details
Koi 252TTT
Tony the Tiger
Koi 280MPF details
Koi 280MPF
Memphis Floral
Koi 289DFT details
Koi 289DFT
Koi 30920 details
Koi 30920
Juliana Top

koi solids...
Koi 267 details
Sapphire 267
Sherri Top
Koi 247 details
Comfort 247
Nicole Top
Koi 137 details
Koi 137
Katelyn Top
Koi 259 details
Sapphire 259
Mara Top
Koi 113 details
Koi 113
Ashley Top
Koi 175 details
Koi 175
Justine Top
Koi 288 details
Koi 288
Amy Top
Koi 715 details
Sapphire 715
Alicia Pant
Koi 713 details
Comfort 713
Morgan Pant
Koi 701 details
Koi 701
Lindsey Pant
Koi 274 details
Koi 274
Portia Tee
Koi 427 details
Sapphire 427
Deja Jacket
Koi 406 details
Koi 406
Olivia Jacket
Koi 419 details
Koi 419
Rebecca Lab Coat

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