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New Spa Collection from uniform apparel leader Barco Uniforms®, Vérité by Barc™ lifts the spirits
and helps spa professionals convey confidence. Its use of ultra-soft fabrics, clean lines, elegant details
and meticulous workmanship awaken the senses, soothe the spirit and stand the test of time.
Barco Uniforms is committed to making professional attire that people love to wear.

Verite SVD100 details
Verite SVD100
Grazia Dress
Verite SVT100 details
Verite SVT100
Short Sleeve Tee
Verite SVT102 details
Verite SVT102
Mona Polo Top
Verite SVT103 details
Verite SVT103
Alessa Moroccan
Verite SVT104 details
Verite SVT104
Terra Basic Tunic
Verite SVT106 details
Verite SVT106
Bianca Placket Tunic
Verite SVT107 details
Verite SVT107
Amira Ruffle Buckle
Verite SVT108 details
Verite SVT108
Fabia Henley Tee
Verite SVT308 details
Verite SVT308
Alessa Tunic
Verite SVJ108 details
Verite SVJ108
Gemma Knit Jacket
Verite SVJ109 details
Verite SVJ109
Belted Jacket
Verite SVJ113 details
Verite SVJ113
Perla Lapel Jacket
Verite SVJ114 details
Verite SVJ114
Leah Jacket
Verite SVP110 details
Verite SVP110
Lana Zip Front
Verite SVP111 details
Verite SVP111
Lia Capri Zipper
Verite SVP112 details
Verite SVP112
Lauren Shorts
Verite SVP113 details
Verite SVP113
Palazzo Flared Leg

Verite for Men...
Verite SVT300 details
Verite SVT300
Taccio Mens T-shirt
Verite SVT301 details
Verite SVT301
Dante Polo Top
Verite SVT302 details
Verite SVT302
Ennio Short Sleeve
Verite SVT303 details
Verite SVT303
Ennio Long Sleeve
Verite SVT307 details
Verite SVT307
Stefano Zipper Front
Verite SVP303 details
Verite SVP303
Lucca Zipper Cargo
Verite SVP305 details
Verite SVP305
Lennox Pant
Verite SVP306 details
Verite SVP306
Shorts with Zipper

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